Online orders: shipping & delivery

We ship to a lot of countries of the world, with the exception of most African and some Asian countries. Shipping is done either by the Greek (Air mail) post, or by UPS.

As soon as you complete your order you will automatically receive an email from our web site with your order and all the details. In case you do not receive it, please check your spam folder. 


Shipping cost.


We know how important is for the online customer to be able to know the exact postage before giving the order.

We do not compel potential customers to register in our web site. You do not have to give us any address, or email, or any personal information, if you just want to find out the shipping cost. 

In our web site, you can start making an order by putting the desired goods in your basket and before you pay, before you give us any address you will know how much (including postage) the order will cost you. Then, if you like, you proceed to complete the order.


Your address and other details:

  • Your address, telephones, email etc, are safe with us. We do not disclose any of your personal information to third parties. We use the address and telephone(s) for the delivery of your order and your email for notifying you.
  • Please take great care when you type your address. Wrong address means that you will not get your order and this leads to problems and extra cost to both of us. 
  • Please give your telephone number(s) It could be useful if something goes wrong. Telephone number is absolutely necessary if you choose UPS for shipping.




  • All the retail orders are surcharged with VAT (Value Added Tax) which is included in the prices you see in this site. No tax return is given for non EU online customers.
  • You may change the currency that appears on the price of products to show the currency you prefer, by clicking on "Select your currency" (just below "contact") However keep in mind that currency conversion rates are a guide for your convenience only. They are updated* once each US business day.
  • You will be charged in € Euro, even if you have chosen to see prices at a different currency.
    We do not make profit from the shipping charges.

*We do not guarantee the accuracy of this information



Shipping methods


The exact shipping cost is automatically calculated according to the gross weight of your order and according to the shipping method you choose.

Generally, the alternatives are UPS or Air mail post.

We do not send orders to P.O boxes. For delivery either by air mail post or UPS, your signature is required



UPS shipping


We are located in an island in the Aegean Sea. In our island there is no UPS office. This means that the parcels have to go to mainland (Athens) to be delivered to UPS, which normally takes one business day. Usually tracking in UPS web site is available one or usually two days later, from noon onwards.

If you choose UPS for shipping your telephone number is necessary for delivery. We could not send your order by UPS unless we have your telephone number.

If you choose a different delivery address please give us the telephone number and the email of the recipient.   

You have to sign to receive your parcel


Shipping by UPS to European Community countries. It is economical and recommended. 

Shipping by UPS to European countries. (applies to most European countries)

Shipping by UPS can be done either as "UPS Standard (economy service)", or as "UPS Express".

You are notified by UPS about the dispatch of the parcel. You are also notified if there are delays due to unforeseen events (for example adverse weather, strikes etc).

You can track your parcel online anytime to find out where it is.

Customers from Switzerland should avoid UPS as all the parcels seem to go through customs and they might have duties imposed.

  • 1. UPS standard (economy service) means that the parcel takes 5 to 7 business days for central and Southern Europe and up to 12 business days for Northern Europe.
  • 2. UPS express is faster but more expensive. Usually delivery is within 2 or 3 business days

Do not take for granted that air mail post is cheaper than UPS standard (economy). We have a contract with UPS and the shipping rates are really low! In fact, for parcels with a gross weight up to 1 kilo Air mail post is marginally cheaper. For parcels over one kilo UPS is cheaper. For parcels over 2 kilos UPS is much cheaper. During your checkout please try different shipping methods to find out the actual shipping cost.

We recommend UPS for European community countries.


When we send your parcel, we let you know the exact day you should expect it. Whatever shipping methods you choose, you have to sign when you receive the parcel.


Shipping by UPS outside mainland Europe. (it applies to Cyprus, Russia, Turkey etc)


Shipping can be done either as UPS expedited or as UPS express

You are notified by UPS about the dispatch of the parcel. You are also notified if there are delays due to unforeseen events (for example adverse weather).

You can track your parcel online anytime to find out where it is.

  • 1. UPS expedited service takes 6 to 12 days for most countries.
  • 2. UPS express (saver) is faster but more expensive
  • 3. Air mail post is cheaper, but UPS is safer, faster and you can have effective online tracking of your parcel.

When we send your parcel, we let you know the exact day you should expect it. In all shipping methods you have to sign to receive the parcel.

During your checkout please try different shipping methods to find out the actual shipping cost. As you try the different shipping methods you can see the shipping cost (right of the shipping method) changing. 



Air Mail Post. All parcels sent as "registered". You have to sign to collect your order.

  • Delivery time can only by roughly estimated. Shipping by Air mail post usually takes much longer than "UPS standard" shipping. Unfortunately online tracking is not possible. Tracking is only possible through the Post Office but it takes long time.
  • Please do not ask us to leave parcels on your doorstep. It is not possible. 


Parcels usual shipping time: 

Parcel's usual** delivery time in business* days


UPS Express

UPS expedited

UPS standard

Air mail Post


 1-3 (local courier)




Europe (south & central)




5-15 (up to 30)

Europe (north)




5-15 (up to 30)

USA, Canada




7-20 (up to 35)





8-25 (up to 35)

Rest of the world




10-30 (up to 45)

*Business days = Monday to Friday, excluding holidays.

**In cases of small towns or villages, islands and remote / difficult to reach areas the shipping might take longer.


The exact shipping time depends on which country you live and if you are located in a large city, a small town or a village. 


In the unlikely event that you have not received the ordered goods within the above delivery times (allowing a few extra days), please contact us by email to sort it out.




Dispatching orders:


  • We normally dispatch ordered goods the same day or the next business day.
  • If you choose Air mail post, orders given on Fridays (after 10:30am local time), Saturdays and Sundays are normally despatched on Monday. We are open on Saturdays but the Greek Post Office is not.
  • If you choose UPS, all orders received up to 13:00 local time are dispatched the same day (even on Saturdays). Orders received after 13:00 local time, are sent the next business day. We do not send orders on Sundays. 
  • No goods are sent unless they are fully paid for.
  • All goods sent are in mint condition. We make every possible effort to pack the ordered goods in the best possible way, so you get your order in the best possible condition. We are no responsible in the unlikely event that goods are damaged by the carrier. If you parcel arrives with apparent external damage you may refuse to accept it and ask the carrier to send them back as unacceptable.  
  • Undelivered parcels are returned to us. This happens in case that the parcel arrives at the address that you have given us, but you do not take delivery of it (either because you are away, or for other reasons), or in case you have given us wrong address. If you ask us to send it again you will have to pay the shipping charge for resending the parcel. The parcel will be resend only after we received the undelivered one. The above does not apply to parcels that are lost in the post (an unlikely event). 




  • We are not responsible for any customs or duties that may have to pay in your country
  • We are not responsible if the goods you have ordered are not allowed in your country. We are not responsible if a parcel arrives in your country and is blocked by your customs.  
  • We are not responsible for delays due to possible customs inspection in your county.
  • During Christmas period (December 1 until January 10) you should expect some postal delays.


In general

We are in the sales business for about 30 years. We perform web sales from November 1999 until 2003 through a different site and since 2003 through this site and we are proud, that we have -to our knowledge- no customers dissatisfied!  We would love to hear from you, if you have ANY comments to make concerning our products, our service, or our site. All comments -positive or negative- are welcome. They help us improve. 

If during your browsing in our web site you experience a malfunction, or something is unclear, or you have any difficulties, please contact us and let us know.


We have the will, the ability and the experience, to deal with your orders, up to -or beyond- your expectations.



Our company “ANEMOS” is certified according to ISO 22000 : 2005