Mastic as it deserves to be!

Product categories

with mastic​

To implement our special recipes, we harmoniously combine the best and purest ingredients, regardless of cost. One of the key ingredients we use is mastic oil or Chios mastic. Mastic oil possesses beneficial properties, while the organic herbs we use are completely pure. Additionally, we carefully select active ingredients that are effective for our purpose. With this combined approach, we create unique recipes that blend the quality, purity, and effectiveness of our ingredients.

with mastic​

The food/confectionery category encompasses a wide range of sweet products that delight dessert enthusiasts. One of the most important ingredients used in this category is Chios mastic. Chios mastic adds a unique and aromatic note to sweets, creating a refreshing and spicy flavor. With the addition of Chios mastic, food and confectionery products acquire a distinctive character and become even more enjoyable for the palate.

ANEMOS Company

Our company, ANEMOS, based in Chios, is engaged in the manufacturing, processing, packaging, and sale of products with mastic. As a Greek company, we exclusively produce mastic products in Greece. With our experience and vision, ANEMOS is dedicated to producing high-quality products using the finest ingredients and modern production methods. We apply both traditional, tested recipes and innovative applications to our products, always preserving the purity and beneficial properties of mastic. We are committed to producing pure, innovative, and effective products that provide value to our customers.