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Greek Delight (loukoumi) mastic WITHOUT added sugar

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Greek Delight (loukoumi) mastic WITHOUT added sugar

A unique product. Greek delight – Sugar free!

An original, first appearing new product!

Greek (or Turkish) delight (or Loukoumi/loukoum) without added sugar (sugar-free / light)

With pleasing and sweet taste, classic loukoumi texture and fewer calories. Suitable for diets!

Now, they are not just Greek delight. They are also delight

With natural mastic.

Without preservatives, without coloring

Net weight: 150g (5.29oz)

Nutritional facts per 100gr

  • Energy: 920kJ/219 kcal
  • Fat: 0gr
  • Carbohydrates: 93.9gr
    • of which polyols: 88gr
  • Proteins: 0gr

Maltitol, strach, mannitol, citric acid, mastic (0,16%) & mastic oil

Οδός Χίου – Καρφά, ΤΘ 170 Περιοχή Κοντάρι, 82100 Χίος.

Τηλ: +30 22710 22666

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